Meigra Simon, LMT, (#13081) Advanced Bowenwork Practitioner
Springwater Wellness Center
6214 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202

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Listening to Your Body with Bowenwork & Massage

As a Advanced Bowenwork practitioner and licensed massage therapist, I focus on listening to your body so you can return to a state of ease, relaxation, and greater health.

My Bowenwork and massage clients throughout Portland, Oregon, come for many reasons. Some seek Bowenwork for relief from injuries, chronic conditions or acute pain. Others trust massage for ongoing maintenance, care and stress reduction. For more than 40 years as a Advanced bodyworker, I have learned to listen to what the body tells me in order to facilitate the greatest healing.

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Bowenwork developed by the late Tom Bowen of Geelong, Australia, this gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork promotes healing throughout the body’s physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels, and is practiced throughout the world. Learn more, or schedule a 60-minute Bowenwork session today.

Massage having practiced as a licensed massage therapist for more than 40 years, my intuitive approach is grounded in a number of modalities, including zero-balancing, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, sciaticare, neurovascular release and more.

Human Design combining Astrology, the I Ching and our chakras, Human Design synthesizes ancient knowledge into modern wisdom designed for the 21st century. Learn more, and discover your Design today.

Start Listening to Your Own Body

Listen to what your body is saying. When you treat your body you treat your self.