Meigra Simon, LMT, (#13081) Advanced Bowenwork Practitioner
Springwater Wellness Center
6214 SE Milwaukie Ave Portland, OR 97202

Human Design is a powerful way to name your life story

As with many esoteric approaches to learning about oneself, Human Design provides valuable, powerful, and sometimes life changing insight into our purpose and place on earth. Combining astrology, the I-Ching and our chakras, Human Design functions like an “owner’s manual,” synthesizing these ancient systems into modern wisdom designed for the 21st century.

Know yourself at a deeper level

Even when we feel we truly know ourselves, we can still judge or mistrust our knowledge. Understanding your Human Design can help you become more compassionate towards others and most importantly towards yourself!

The Art of Living Well

My Art of Living Well program is a three-step process using Human Design techniques to tap into your greatest gifts and unique road-map for living.

Insight gained in these sessions allows you to recognize your blind-spots and avoid pitfalls your shadow self might otherwise draw you into. The evolutionary tools of Human Design and Gene Keys help you navigate through life with joy and acceptance, and the wisdom that comes from deep self-awareness.

As a valued client and reader, I am offering these 45-minute sessions to you at a special price of $75 each (normally $150 each.) Special bundle price for all three sessions: $187

  1. Basic overview
    (Getting the lay of your land)
  2. Deeper Design
    (Centers and Types)
  3. Connecting the Dots
    (You in the world)

Call me to schedule your Basic overview. I will need your birth data (date, time,place) to proceed. After the Basic overview, the timing of the next steps are up to you.

Some people need time to integrate the insights gained in the first step. Others are hungry for more! Your process is unique and a big part of this program is trusting your timing.